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Additional list of great movies

To add to my previous uploaded list of movies, here is a complementary list I like very much - Enjoy!

title description director stars
The Big Lebowski Joel Coen Jeff Bridges/ John Goodman We regret that this DVD is under certain restrictions that prohibit sales to customers who live outside the North American continent. If you do not live in the United States or Canada, we will not be able to ship you this DVD. Thank you for understanding.
Ridley Scott Harrison Ford/ Rutger Hauer/ Sean Young Blame It on the Bellboy Mark Herman
Dudley Moore/ Bronson Pinchot Bullitt (Special Edition) [1968]    
Steve McQueen/ Robert Vaughn Clerks   Dark Star [1974]
    Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Frank Oz
Steve Martin/ Michael Caine Dream On - Seasons 1 & 2   Existenz
David Cronenberg Jennifer Jason Leigh/ Jude Law/ Willem Dafoe/ Ian Holm/ Don McKellar/ Callum Keith Rennie/ Sarah Polley F**K  
Steve Anderson (IX) Timothy Jay/ Evan Seinfeld/ Steven Bochco/ Drew Carey/ Justin Timberlake/ Ice-T/ Pat Boone/ Alanis Morissette/ David Milch/ Bill Maher/ Sam Donaldson/ Chuck D./ Nick Dash/ Eddie Murphy/ Reinhold Aman/ Janet Jackson/ George Carlin/ Billy Connolly/ Tera Patrick/ Hunter S. Thompson Fargo - Édition Spéciale Joel Coen/ Ethan Coen
Frances McDormand/ Steve Buscemi/ William H. Macy/ Peter Stormare/ Harve Presnell/ John Carroll Lynch/ Stephen Park Flirting W//Disaster    
  From Russia With Love Terence Young Sean Connery/ Lotte Lenya/ Robert Shaw
Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle Danny Leiner   Heathers (THX Version)
Michael Lehmann   Hustle - Season 1  
  Adrian Lester/ Marc Warren Jackass the Box Set  
  Jackass Jericho  
Robert Lindsay The Larry Sanders Show - The Entire First Season   Garry Shandling
Life On Mars: Series 1 [2006]   Lancelot Narayan Jane Featherstone/ Mathew Graham/ Ashley Pharoah/ Bharat Nalluri/ Claire Parker (IV)/ Marshall Lancaster/ Dean Andrews (II)/ John Simm/ Liz White (III)/ Philip Glenister/ Edmund Butt/ Brian Sykes
Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels [1998]   Jason Flemyng/ Dexter Fletcher Lost In Translation
Sofia Coppola Scarlett Johansson/ Bill Murray/ Giovanni Ribisi The Man Who Knew Too Little Jon Amiel
Bill Murray/ Peter Gallagher/ Joanne Whalley/ Richard Wilson (II) Memento Christopher Nolan Guy Pearce/ Carrie-Anne Moss/ Joe Pantoliano
Monk - Season One   Tony Shalhoub  

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