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List of news aircraft accidents and incidents

Accidents occurring while gathering news, and outside news-gathering activities - Accident Date, Location, fatalities, injuries, official cause, News org. and description.

Accident Date Location News org. Description fatalities injuries Official Cause
18/08/2011 Lake Eyre, Australia Australian Broadcasting Corporation An Eurocopter_AS355 helicopter crashed and killed the pilot, reporter and cameraman whilst on location.[1] 3    
18/06/2010 Buenos Aires,Argentina C5N An MBB Bo 105 helicopter crashed and killed the pilot and camera operator while filming a car accident.[2] 2    
16/12/2009 Montreal,Quebec, Canada CFTM-TV A Robinson R44 traffic helicopter, while filming over Champlain Bridge, crashed in a ditch near Autoroute 10 while trying to make an emergency landing on a nearby heliport.[3]   2  
05/08/2009 Mont-Laurier,Quebec, Canada CFCF-TV An Enstrom 28 helicopter crashed and burst into flames while filming the aftermath of a tornado[4] 2    
11/11/2008 West Palm Beach, Florida WPEC A Bell 206B made an emergency landing after losing power. The tail boom of the helicopter was severed in the accident. Both the pilot and traffic reporter on board escaped serious injury.[5]   2 "A loss of engine power due to an undertorqued air line fitting to the fuel control."[6]
13/10/2008 Montgomery County, TX KTRK-TV While traveling to the scene of a shooting, SkyEye-HD crashed into the heavily wooded W.G. Jones State Forest in southern Montgomery County.[7][8] 2   Preliminary reports indicate the aircraft lost engine power while traveling over a heavily wooded area. The aircraft then lost altitude and impacted the trees and ground, which resulted in a fire.[9]
30/06/2008 Oakland, California Metro Traffic Networks While engaged in traffic reporting, a Cessna 172M airplane develops engine trouble and makes an emergency landing.[10]   2 Loss of engine power due to oil starvation from the improper installation of engine oil pump.[11]
30/07/2007 Grand Prairie, TX KDFW-TV FOX 4 experienced a mechanical failure as it traveled from an 18-wheeler accident to a breaking news event. This failure forced the pilot to make an emergency landing in a heavily wooded area, which resulted in major damage to the aircraft.[12]   1 The loss of engine power as result of the failure of one or more of the compressor blades for the 5th stage compressor for undetermined reasons. A contributing factor was the lack of suitable terrain for the pilot to execute a successful autorotation.
27/07/2007 Phoenix, AZ KNXV-TV andKTVK Two Eurocopter AS350-B2 helicopters from stations KNXV-TV and KTVK news are involved in a mid-air collision and crash while covering a car chase. 4   "Both pilots' failure to see and avoid the other helicopter. Contributing to this failure was the pilots' responsibility to perform reporting and visual tracking duties to support their station's ENG operation. Contributing to the accident was the lack of formal procedures for Phoenix-area ENG pilots to follow regarding the conduct of these operations." [13][14]
20/07/2007 Sand Springs, OK KOTV While performing low altitude flybys during a commercial shoot, aBell 206B-3 helicopter's main rotor blade struck the satellite dish atop a news truck.   1 "The pilot's failure to maintain clearance with ground obstacles, which resulted in a blade strike. A contributing factor was the low altitude selected by the pilot."[15]
12/07/2006 Taos, NM KOB-TV helicopter landed nose first and rolled over while obtaining video of a search and rescue operation     loss of tail rotor effectiveness during landing, pilot delayed ration [1]
26/06/2006 Chino Hills, CA contractor pilot heard a loud bang, landed the helicopter in a state park to investigate, upon taking off the helicopter rolled to the left and impacted the ground.   2 undetermined [2]
04/05/2004 Brooklyn, NY WNBC-TV A Eurocopter AS-350BA helicopter crash landed onto an apartment building rooftop after losing hydraulic pressure[16]   3 Improper installation of the hydraulic pump drive belt which caused hydraulic system failure.[17]
08/05/2003 Aurora, CO KMGH-TV A Bell 206-L4 helicopter crashed after losing power during a simulated emergency landing at the Aurora Reservoir.[18]   1 "Inadequate inflight planning/decision by the flight crew and the check pilot's failure to initiate remedial action in a timely manner".[19]
12/12/2001 Vernon, WI WISN-TV After covering a fire, the pilot of a Robinson R44 helicopter was flying back to airport in low visibility when the aircraft struck power lines and crashed on a highway. 1 2 "The pilot's continued flight into adverse weather and not maintaining altitude/clearance from the static line during cruise flight. Factors were the static wire, the darkness of night, the low ceiling, and the vehicle."[20]
04/12/2000 Dallas, NC   While covering a news event, helicopter experienced several unanticipated right yaw excursions     improper use of flight controls during an emergency landing [3]
26/03/2000 Van Nuys, CA KTLA-TV while covering a night time event, pilot radio'd hydraulic failure to other news helicopters in the area and opted to return to base rather than land at a closer airport.   2 hydraulic pressure loss [4]
03/03/2000 South Miami-Dade County, FL WTVJ A Sky 6 McDonnell Douglas HU-600N crashes after pitching downward and then pulled up into a steep ascent. Prior to the crash the pilot states over the radio to a nearby inflight helicopter "Watch this." 2   "The pilot's ostentatious display and in-flight decision to perform an abrupt low altitude pitch up maneuver (aerobatic flight). This resulted in the main rotor blades colliding with and separating the tail boom assembly while maneuvering, and the helicopters subsequent in-flight collision with terrain."[21]
17/11/1999 Seattle, WA KIRO-TV helicopter collides with another (non-news) aircraft on a news gathering flight     failure to maintain separation [5]
25/06/1999 Murrells Inlet, SC WPDE-TV While filming, a Boeing HU-369 helicopter crashes into a marsh.[22]   3 "An inflight loss of control due to loss of tail rotor effectiveness as a result of the pilot's inadequate compensation for the winds and improper weather evaluation."[23]

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