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Top Australian and Asian fashion blogs you can turn for fashion photography and style inspiration. Not only are they super stylish, but they produce beautiful photos!

Blog Name Blog Address Contact Person Email Address Location
Klei Barbara van Oost [email protected] VIC
Fashionistablog Shannon [email protected] SA
Limuel Inc Limuel Martine [email protected] NSW
CaN i haV a lil MinD seX… Candice Damopo [email protected] WA
Maria Fashion Blog Maria Patapis [email protected] NSW
The People's Republic of Style [email protected] VIC
Karina Xoxo Karina Xoxo [email protected] NSW
Safari suit [email protected] SA
fifiluxe Fiona Edwards [email protected] QLD
iBLOGfashion blog Helen Lee [email protected] NSW
Fashion Loving Stylist, Lenya Jones Lenya Jones [email protected] NSW
Heidi & Seek Hayley [email protected] VIC
Violet LeBeaux- Tales of an Ingenue Violet Lebeaux [email protected] QLD
The 16 Diaries… Romany [email protected] VIC
Sarahs Style Emporium Sarah [email protected] VIC
Thea & Sami Studio Blog Thea Samios [email protected] QLD
Nicole Tattersall Nicole Tattersall [email protected] VIC
Flip And Style Vanessa Gollasch [email protected] NSW
No rock without plastic Aleisha Z [email protected] SA
Checks and Spots [email protected] VIC

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