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Comparison of operating systems

The following list compares general information for a number of widely used and currently available operating systems - GNU/Linux, iOS, Android, OpenVMS, etc.

Name Creator First public release Predecessor Latest stable version Latest release date Cost, availability Preferred license[g 1] Target system type
AIX IBM 1986 UNIX System VRelease 3 7.1 2010 Bundled with hardware Proprietary Server, NAS,workstation
Android Android, Inc., Google 2008 Linux Android 4.1 Jelly Bean 2012 Free Apache 2.0, GNU GPLv2 Consumer, enterprise, military, education
AmigaOSclassic Commodore International,Haage & Partner, Hyperion Entertainment 1985 TRIPOS (as the disk operating component of AmigaOS) 3.9 2000, December 4 Bundled with hardware up to version 3.0 (Amiga International Hardware came with 3.1); versions 2.1, 3.0, 3.1, 3.5, 3.9 also available as separate packages Proprietary, open source clone available under AROS Public License Workstation, personal computer
AmigaOS 4 Hyperion Entertainment 2004 AmigaOS classic 4.1 update 4 2011 4.0 bundled with hardware; 4.0 for classic and 4.1 available as standalone package at €99 Proprietary Workstation, personal computer
eComStation Serenity Systems, Mensys BV 2001 OS/2 2.1 2011 Home-student edition (max. 5 per site) $149.00 Proprietary Server, workstation, personal computer
            business edition $259.00    
EPOC32 Psion PLC 1996   ER5 1999 Commercial Proprietary PDA
FreeBSD The FreeBSD Project 1993 386BSD 9 2012 Free BSD Server, workstation, NAS, embedded
DragonFly BSD Matthew Dillon 2003 FreeBSD 2.1 2011 Free BSD Server, workstation, NAS, embedded
Haiku Haiku Inc. 2009 BeOS R5 R1/Alpha3 2011 Free MIT Personal computer
HP-UX Hewlett-Packard 1983 UNIX System V 11.31 "11i v3" 2007 $400 Proprietary Server, workstation
IBM i IBM 1988 OS/400 7.1 2010 Bundled with hardware Proprietary Server
Inferno Bell Labs 1997 Plan 9 Fourth Edition 2007 Free MIT, GNU GPL, GNU LGPL, LPL NAS, server, embedded
iOS Apple Inc. 2007 OS X 5.1.1 2012 Bundled with hardware Proprietary higher level API layers; open source core system (ARM versions): APSL, GNU GPL, others Smartphone, music player, tablet computer
IRIX SGI 1988 UNIX System V 6.5.30 2006 Bundled with hardware Proprietary Server, workstation
GNU/Linux Richard Stallman, Linus Torvalds, et al. GNU: 1983, Linux: 1992 Unix,[g 2] MINIX[g 3] Linux kernel3.4; GNU C Library 2.13 2012 Free GNU GPL, GNU LGPL, others See: Comparison of Linux distributions
Mac OS Apple Inc. 1984 None[g 4][g 5] 9.2.2 2002 Bundled with 68K and PowerPC Macs; Proprietary Workstation, personal computer
            versions 7-9 sold as retail upgrades[g 6]    
OS X Apple Inc. 2001 NeXTStep 10.8 2012 Bundled with hardware; upgrades sold separately: Proprietary higher level API layers; open source core system (Intel-PowerPC versions): APSL, GNU GPL, others Workstation, personal computer, embedded
            Desktop $169 (one-user Mac box set), $29 (one-user Mac OS X v10.6 upgrade)    

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