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Publication Editorial Guidelines

List Publication Editorial Guidelines


List Publication Editorial Guidelines aims to provide publishers and readers with high quality, original content. To ensure that your lists meet our criteria, please use the following guidelines when producing content to be published:


·         All lists must be original lists.

·         Do not include any affiliate program links.

·         Submit each of your lists to the most relevant category only. We understand that many lists could be submitted to several categories, however we consider this to be spamming. Multiple submissions of the same list will not only result in the list being removed, but it can also lead to the author being suspended should we consider them to be abusing the system.

·         Make sure to fill the first cell of each item (row in Excel) relevant unique information to the item itself as it will become an anchor link to the item page from the list.

·         Lists with more information will offer greater value to users.

·         The site supports the following file types: txt, csv, xls, xlsx, xml

·         All contact information should appear only in the author's bio.

·         Every list must have a list summary (up to 275 characters). The purpose of the list summary is to give the reader a quick overview of your list. HTML tags are not allowed within the summary.

·         Lists that are advertisements, or appear to be advertisements, will be considered spam and will not be approved for publication.



·         List Title: A maximum of 175 characters and minimum of 2 words. (We recommend using up to 80 characters for best search engine results). Do not use ALL CAPS. Do not have the name of your company or website in the title. Your author name should not appear in the title.

·         Author name: Do not use your website as the author name or list name. Your author name should not appear in the title of the list.

·         Better not to use hard breaks in your list (clicking Enter twice or using the <br /> tag).

·         Better not to use Bold, italicize, or underline text in the list.

·         Make sure to use separate columns in your list. If you don't divide your data into separate columns, it will be difficult to read, and the readers will give up on your list.


Illegal/Objectionable subject matter

·         Family Safe Content Only: We do not allow lists on pornography, escort services, sex toys, violence, illegal subjects (such as movie downloads), potentially dangerous information, or hate speech. This includes both written and visual material. This is by no means an exhaustive list, and reserves the right to reject any list.

·         Lists cannot include plagiarized material from any other person or source. You must own 100% of the list you publish.

·         Lists should not link to or promote online gambling sites.



The lists on this web site are provided for informational purposes only and for redistribution as outlined in our terms of use. does not accept any responsibility or liability for the use or misuse of the list content on this site or reliance by any person on the site's contents. reserves the right not to publish every list that is submitted.