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11 benchmark indicators of upper secondary school characteristics

Very interesting report that is based on OECD’s International Survey of Upper Secondary Schools that was conducted in 2001.
Benchmark Highest three countries Above average Close to average 1 Below average Lowest three countries
1. Inclusiveness of admissions policy Ireland, Portugal, Spain Sweden, Switzerland France, Italy, Norway Belgium (Fl.), Finland, Korea Denmark, Hungary, Mexico
2. Upper secondary attainment rate Finland2, Norway, Sweden Switzerland2 Belgium (Fl.), Hungary  Denmark, France, Ireland   Italy2, Mexico, Portugal, Spain2
3. Variety of guidance and counselling methods Finland, Ireland, Mexico Denmark, Hungary, Spain Italy, Sweden Belgium (Fl.), France, Norway Korea, Portugal, Switzerland
4. Variety of external feedback Finland, Hungary, Korea Belgium (Fl.), Sweden Italy, Portugal France, Ireland, Mexico, Spain Denmark, Norway, Switzerland
5. Professional staff resources France, Norway, Portugal Belgium (Fl.), Denmark, Italy, Sweden Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Spain   Korea, Mexico, Switzerland
6. Ease of hiring qualified teachers Italy, Korea, Spain Denmark, Norway, Portugal Mexico, Sweden Finland, France, Hungary Belgium (Fl.), Ireland, Switzerland
7. Computer resources - students Denmark, Norway, Sweden Belgium (Fl.), Finland, France, Korea Switzerland Hungary, Ireland, Italy Mexico, Portugal, Spain
8. Computer resources - teachers Finland, Korea, Sweden Denmark, Norway, Switzerland Hungary, Spain France, Ireland, Mexico Belgium (Fl.), Italy, Portugal
9. Participation in professional development Denmark, Korea, Sweden Finland, Norway, Switzerland Hungary, Portugal Belgium (Fl.), Italy, Mexico France, Ireland, Spain
10. Participation in ICT-related professional development Denmark, Finland, Norway   Belgium (Fl.), Ireland, Korea, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland Portugal France, Hungary, Italy
11. Educational use of computers Denmark, Norway, Sweden Italy Finland, France, Korea, Portugal, Switzerland Belgium (Fl.), Mexico Hungary, Ireland, Spain


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