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Emissions-reduction policies in Australia

This table provides the stocktake of emissions-reduction policies identified by the Productivity Commission in Australia. The sources used to provide information on individual policy measures are provided in the References column.

Country Policy type Category Name Policy type Jurisdiction Description Status and duration References
Australia Explicit carbon prices NSW Greenhouse Gas Reduction Scheme (GGAS) Emissions trading scheme - baseline and credit State Electricity retailers must meet mandatory emissions-reduction targets that are based on their market share, and must develop and encourage activities that offset emissions. Scheme participants must purchase NSW Greenhouse Abatement Certificates to meet their benchmark — each certificate represents a one tonne reduction in CO2 emissions. Commenced January 2003. In December 2006, the Electricity Supply Act 1995 (NSW) was amended to enable GGAS to be terminated if NSW participates in a national emissions trading scheme that will achieve greenhouse outcomes at least as stringent as those of GGAS.
Australia Explicit carbon prices ACT Greenhouse Gas Abatement Scheme Emissions trading scheme - baseline and credit State Mirrors the NSW Greenhouse Gas Reduction Scheme. The NSW and ACT schemes are, in many respects, operated as a single scheme. Under this arrangement, the NSW Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal administers the overall scheme and accredits abatement projects, while the ACT Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission is the compliance regulator of the Scheme in the ACT. Commenced January 2005.
Australia Explicit carbon prices Indigenous Emissions Trading Emissions trading scheme - voluntary Commonwealth Initiative to facilitate Indigenous participation in carbon markets by raising awareness, building capacity and funding research to improve scientific knowledge about Indigenous land management practices. Its focus is on generating carbon market opportunities through traditional fire management. Commenced 2008-09. Due to end 2011-12.
Australia Subsidies and taxes Energy Efficiency for Small Business Program (NSW) Capital subsidy State Subsidised audits to identify energy savings, for up to 6000 small to medium businesses (SMEs), and rebates to assist emissions-reduction measures such as lighting upgrades and improvements to air conditioning and refrigeration. Commenced 2008-09. Funded to 30 June 2011.
Australia Subsidies and taxes Solar Hot Water Rebate Program (Victoria) Capital subsidy State Rebates of $300 to $1500 for replacing existing water heaters with solar systems ($400 to $1600 in regional Victoria), depending on system size and performance. This program has an overall budget of $50 million. Commenced July 2008 for 3 years.
Australia Subsidies and taxes Smart Energy Savings Program (Queensland) - 1 Capital subsidy State Support for energy efficiency measures by Queensland businesses to fund buildings, appliances and industrial processes, through grants and loans where projects cannot be funded internally or attract traditional funding sources.
Australia Subsidies and taxes Carbon Down (Victoria) Capital subsidy State Program to encourage and enable Victorian SMEs to undertake actions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions through information sharing and funding. Commenced 2008. Concludes June 2011.
Australia Subsidies and taxes Hardship Efficiency Program (WA) Capital subsidy State An assistance program to help people in hardship to increase energy efficiency within their home through a combination of energy smart advice, education, and appliance upgrades. The program funds household energy efficiency assessments, a public and community housing sub program and special projects. $6 million is available for the program in 2010-2011. Commenced late 2008. Ongoing.
Australia Subsidies and taxes Climate Change Minor Works Program (Tasmania) Capital subsidy State Schools can apply for funding assistance to undertake small capital projects to address efficiency and climate change concerns. This program has an overall budget of $750 000.
Australia Subsidies and taxes Home Power Savings Program (NSW) Capital subsidy State Provides assistance to eligible low-income households across NSW to save power, reduce emissions, and lower utility bills through free in-home energy assessments by energy experts. Each household also receives an energy savings action plan. $63 million has been budgeted for this program. Pilots conducted in 2008-09. State wide rollout commenced in May 2010. Program expected to finish June 2013.
Australia Subsidies and taxes Climate Smart Homes Service (Queensland) Capital subsidy State Funding to assist householders with tools to monitor and reduce their energy use. Runs from 2008-09 to 2010-11.
Australia Subsidies and taxes Energy Choices Program (including Residential Gas Installation Rebate and EnergyWise Program) (Victoria) Capital subsidy State The program includes residential gas installation rebates, energy audit service, school energy efficiency action plans and an EnergyWise off-peak campaign. This program has an overall budget of $33.1 million. Commenced 2008-09.!OpenDocument
Australia Subsidies and taxes Energy Smart Households Program (NT) Capital subsidy State Rebates for households of 50 per cent (up to $200) off the purchase and/or installation price of selected energy saving devices. Items available for rebate include power boards, energy efficient light globes, timers, power usage meters and fridge and freezer seals. Anticipated to finish end of 2011.
Australia Subsidies and taxes Solar hot water rebates (SA) Capital subsidy State A rebate of $500 for low income owner-occupiers on the cost of a new solar or electric heat pump water heater system installed on or after 1 July 2008. Commenced 2001-02. Planned finish date June 2013.
Australia Subsidies and taxes NSW Home Saver Rebates Capital subsidy State Rebates given to households for hot water systems, hot water circulators, rainwater tanks, dual flush toilets and the removal of inefficient second fridges. Rebates for ceiling insulation and washing machines ended on 30 June 2009. This program has an overall budget of $170 million. Commenced July 2007 and ends 30 June 2011.
Australia Subsidies and taxes Solar Water Heater Subsidy (WA) Capital subsidy State Rebates of $500 for natural gas-boosted solar water heaters ($700 for bottled liquid petroleum gas-boosted solar hot water heaters in areas without reticulated gas). $6 million has been budgeted for the continuation of this program between 2010-11 and 2012-13. Extended until June 2013.
Australia Subsidies and taxes Clean Energy Strategy for isolated and remote communities (Queensland) Capital subsidy State Energy conservation, community engagement and renewable energy initiatives to reduce the amount of diesel fuel required for electricity generation in Queensland's 33 isolated network communities.
Australia Subsidies and taxes Australian Carbon Trust Capital subsidy Commonwealth The Trust manages two programs: - An Energy Efficiency Program to provide finance and advice to eligible businesses and the public sector for the retrofit of commercial properties - The Carbon Neutral Program which provides accreditation for organisations.
Australia Subsidies and taxes Renewable Energy Bonus Scheme Capital subsidy Commonwealth Eligible households can claim a rebate of $1000 for a solar hot water system or $600 for a heat pump hot water system. This rebate applies for systems ordered and purchased from February 2010. Commenced February 2010.
Australia Subsidies and taxes ACRE Solar Projects Capital subsidy Commonwealth The ACRE Solar Projects were originally applied for under the REDP (see REDP program description). ACRE funds two projects to a total amount of $92 million to accelerate the commercialisation and deployment of two solar energy technologies for power generation in Australia. These are the $60 million SolarOasis 'Big Dish' project in Whyalla, SA, and the $32 million CS Energy Kogan Creek Solar Boost project in Queensland. The program provides grants for up to one third of the eligible expenditure on the project. Funding commenced 2009-10 and is due to end 2013-14.

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