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SADC Health Economists

A list of SADC Heath Economists with contact details, individual researcher or organisation and countries worked in.

Organisation and research Working as an individual or organisation? Name of individual Researcher Academic Qualifications E-mail Address Key Funders Key collaborators Contact person Tel Number Done work in >1 country in SADC? Countries worked in: Country 1 Countries worked in: Country 2 Countries worked in: Country 3 Countries worked in: Country 4 Countries worked in: Country 5
ABT Associates - health financing, social protection, health insurance, resource tracking, cost-effectiveness, and quality of care   Carlos Avila PhD [email protected]   UNAIDS       South Africa        
African Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF) - Health care and program costing: focus on HIV/AIDS, HIV/AIDS prevention, care and treatment, Health care financing expenditure & policy analysis, Health program planning, designing, set up, implementation, coordination and reporting   Dr. Lennie Bazira Kyomuhangi MPH         +254 20 6993000   Kenya Uganda Nigeria Senegal  
Botswana Institute for Development and Policy Analysis organization             +267 397 1750 Yes Botswana sub-Saharan region      
African Union Commission, Addis Ababa: HIV, TB and other infectious diseases   Dr Harakeye Marie-Gorelti     [email protected]   UN, Global partnership to fight TB and malaria   +251 115 52 63 73 Ext 2605   Ethiopia        
AIDS and Society Research Unit, Centre for Social Science Research, University of Cape Town - HIV/AIDS prevention, HIV/AIDS care and treatment Organisations Professor Nicoli Nattrass PhD[email protected] UNAIDS, HEARD, FORD, University of Cape Town, University of KwaZulu-Natal Researchers at HEARD and Health Economics Unit-UCT Kathleen Forbes +27 21 650 4656   South Africa        
Central Bank of Seychelles Organization Ms Moyra Alexis MSc (Economics, Banking and Finance)             Seychelles        
Bokapi Health Systems Consulting Consultants Veni Naidu               South Africa        
Bureau for Economic Research - International Finance/macro-economic policy, Econometric modelling and policy analysis Consultants Professor Ben Smit D Comm       Professor Ben Smit +27 21 887 2810   South Africa        
Bureau for Economic Research - Macro-economic modelling and forecasting, economic impact of HIV/AIDS Consultants Ms Linette Ellis         Ms Linette Ellis +27 21 887 2810   South Africa        
Centre for Economic Governance and AIDS in Africa - Evaluating cost-effectiveness analysis of two ART delivery strategies in a semi-urban setting, and the other evaluating the impact of HIV/AIDS on households   Rosette Kyomuhangi Khiga   [email protected]       256782423085 or 704818296   Uganda South Africa      
Centre for Health Decision Science - Cost effectiveness of HIV counselling and testing strategies, screening of exposed infants, HIV treatment organization Mr Nicolas Menzies MPh       Mr Nicolas Menzies   Yes Botswana Mozambique Ethiopia Tanzania Uganda
Centre for Economic Governance and AIDS in Africa - Monitoring Health and HIV budgets organization Ms Teresa Guthrie MPH [email protected]     Ms Teresa Guthrie +27 21 425 2852   South Africa        
Centre for Economic Governance and AIDS in Africa - HIV/AIDS care and treatment, Health Finance, Resource Tracking organization Mrs Plaxcedes Chiwire MA [email protected] UNAIDS, Clinton Health Initiative Professor Susan Cleary Mrs Plaxcedes Chiwire +27 21 461 7211 Yes South Africa Botswana Rwanda    
Centre for Economic Governance and AIDS in Africa - Monitoring and Evaluation of community and government responses to HIV and AIDS organization Mr Nhlanhla Ndlovu MA (Public Policy) [email protected]     Mr Nhlanhla Ndlovu +27 33 394 0845   South Africa        
Centre for Sexual Health and HIV Research, Zimbabwe - Costing componet on Early Infant Male Circumcision organization Mr Collin Mangenah MSc (Strategic Management) [email protected]           Zimbabwe        
Centre for Global Health and Development- Boston University, Health Economics and Epidemiology Research Office, Wits University - HIV/AIDS prevention, HIV/AIDS care and treatment, TB and HIV, STI and HIV, Key populations and HIV, OVC, organizations Professor Gesine Meyer-Rath PhD [email protected] Department of Health (South Africa Government), USAID-South Africa, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, WHO, UNICEF Professor Susan Cleary, Rory Leisagang, Christiaan Marais, Tienie Stadler, Justin Yarrow, Celicia Serenata, Nick Menzies, John Blandford, Fern-Terris-Prestholt, Anna Vassall, Dayo Obure, Christine Michaels, Peter Vickerman, Anna Foss, Steve Cohen, Carl Schutte Professor Gesine Meyer-Rath   Yes South Africa Zambia International    
Centre for Health Policy, University of Witwatersrand - recruitment, motivation and retention of health workers organization Ms Prudence Ditlopo MA [email protected]     Ms Prudence Ditlopo     South Africa        
Centre for Health Policy,University of Witwatersrand - access to health care and related barriers, financial protection, development of social health insurance organization Ms Bronwyn Harris   [email protected]     Ms Bronwyn Harris     South Africa        
Clinton Health Access Initiative - Health Financing organization Eric Leventhal               Malawi        
Clinton Health Access Initiative organization Elizabeth McCarthy   [email protected]         Yes Zambia Malawi      

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