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SADC Health Economists

A list of SADC Heath Economists with contact details, individual researcher or organisation and countries worked in.

Organisation and research Working as an individual or organisation? Name of individual Researcher Academic Qualifications E-mail Address Key Funders Key collaborators Contact person Tel Number Done work in >1 country in SADC? Countries worked in: Country 1 Countries worked in: Country 2 Countries worked in: Country 3 Countries worked in: Country 4 Countries worked in: Country 5
Centre for Health Policy: University of Witwatersrand - households and the health system, affordability of health care organisation Dr Jane Goudge PhD [email protected]     Dr Jane Goudge     South Africa        
Department of Economics-University of Botswana organization Professor Happy Siphambe PhD [email protected]     Professor Happy Siphambe + 267 3552 743   Botswana        
Department:Planning and Policy Development, Ministry of Health - Health sector policies, strategic planning, resource allocation Organization Mr Dominic Nkhoma PhD candidate [email protected]     Mr Dominic Nkhoma     Malawi        
Clinton Health Access Initiative - Health and HIV/AIDS Policy, Antiretroviral Treatment policy and implementation, Management organization Ms Celicia Serenata BA (Political Science) [email protected]     Ms Celicia Serenata     South Africa        
Econsult Botswana PTY LTD - Macro-economic impact of HIV, organization Dr Keith Jefferis PhD         +267 390 0575 Yes Botswana sub-Saharan region Uganda Zimbabwe Angola
Faculty of Health Sciences-University of Lesotho - Global Health initiatives on health systems, situational analysis on gender issues within HIV and AIDS pandemic in Lesotho organization Dr Elsie Makoa PhD [email protected]           Lesotho        
FIGO - Health care and health systems Organization Mr Bart Vander Plaetse         Mr Bart Vander Plaetse   Yes DR Congo Zimbabwe Lesotho Malawi Mozambique
Futures Group organization Jallow Wame               Botswana        
Clinton Health Access Initiative - Health systems and health policy, health economics, mixed methods research, human resources for health, health financing, HIV policy, political economy, organizations Dr John Ashmore PhD (Health Economics) [email protected]           South Africa        
Clinton Health Access Initiative - Health Systems and Policy   Haroon Wadee MSc     AfHEA, CHAI       South Africa        
Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) - Health financing and Economics   Vishal Brijlal               South Africa        
Health Sector - Health Economics, outcomes research, health services research, program evaluation   Mr Thomas Maina MSc (Health Economics)       Mr Thomas Maina     Kenya        
Council for Medical Schemes: Research and monitoring Unit - Health care   Mr Gugu Nomdumiso Khumalo MSc             South Africa        
Deakin Population and Health SRC, Faculty of Health, Deakin University, Melbourne - HIV prevention, care and treatment   Dr Julie Abimanyi-Ochom PhD [email protected]   Monash University       Uganda Kenya      
DFID, Ministry of Health, Department for International Development - Health financing organizations Dr Robert Fryatt PhD       Dr Robert Fryatt     South Africa        
EDEN Community Development Organisation, Kenya - Health Systems Strengthening and Management   Grace Jobita MSc [email protected]   USAID   (0)725517742   Kenya Tanzania      
Futures Group, Health Policy Project, Kenya - Economic policy analysis and research   Mr Thomas Maina MSc [email protected]   Abt. Associates       Kenya        
Futures Institute - Resource allocation, strategic planning, costing, socioeconomic impact assessments, workplace interventions, cost-benefit analysis, cost-effectiveness analysis   Steven Forsythe MSc [email protected]                    
Government of Uganda - Health Sector budgeting and reporting, analysis of health facilities efficiency, costing health interventions   Patrick Tutembe MA     AfHEA, Government of Uganda       Uganda        
Harvard University, School of Public Health - AIDS and the private sector, Economics and Epidemiology of HIV/AIDS care and treatment organization Professor William MacLeod PhD [email protected]     Professor William MacLeod +27 11 276 8888   South Africa Zambia      

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