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SADC Health Economists

A list of SADC Heath Economists with contact details, individual researcher or organisation and countries worked in.

Organisation and research Working as an individual or organisation? Name of individual Researcher Academic Qualifications E-mail Address Key Funders Key collaborators Contact person Tel Number Done work in >1 country in SADC? Countries worked in: Country 1 Countries worked in: Country 2 Countries worked in: Country 3 Countries worked in: Country 4 Countries worked in: Country 5
Independent Health Consultant - Health systems development, strategic planning, policy analysis, aid effectiveness Independent Health Consultant Ms Clare Dickinson MEd       Ms Clare Dickinson   Yes Uganda Kenya Zambia    
Institute of Development Studies-University of Dar Es Salaam - Health Systems, Health Policy organization Professor Peter Kamuzora PhD [email protected]           Tanzania        
Institute of Development Studies-University of Dar Es Salaam - Health policy and systems, social justice and equity, democratic governance, community participation in public health policies organization Dr Stephen Maluka PhD [email protected]     Dr Stephen Maluka     Tanzania        
Institute of Economic and Social Research, University of Zambia   Phillimon Ndubani PhD             Zambia        
Institute of Public Health, Makerere University organization Mr Freddie Ssengooba MPh             Uganda        
Health 20/20, Abt Associates - HIV and AIDS Programme Sustainability Tool (HAPSAT), HIV Resource Tracking & Costing activities at provincial level   Itamar Katz MSc [email protected]   USAID       Swaziland Lesotho Nigeria Zimbabwe South Africa
KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme - HIV/AIDS prevention, Health Finance, Health and Health care equity, Health systems and policy, economic evaluation organization Mr Vincent Okungu PhD (2013) [email protected] USA government through CDC, Wellcome Trust, WHO-TDR, Tibotec REACH Professor Susan Cleary, Jame Chuma Mr Vincent Okungu     Kenya        
KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme organization Ms Jane Chuma   [email protected]     Ms Jane Chuma     Kenya        
Kenya National Health Accounts Team   Mr Dhim Nzoya               Kenya        
Health and Development Africa - Monitoring of HIV/AIDS programs organizations Dr Saul Johnson MD, Masters (Epidemiology) [email protected]     Dr Saul Johnson +27 87 310 5000   South Africa Namibia Zimbabwe Swaziland Angola
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine - HIV/AIDS care and treatment,STI and HIV, Key populations and HIV-Youth, organization Dr Fern Terris-Prestholt PhD [email protected] Gates Foundation   Dr Fern Terris-Prestholt     Malawi        
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine - Economic evaluation of initiatives to increase the coverage and quality of intergrated community case management, complex interventions, decision analysis, economic evaluation organization Ms Frida Kasteng MSc (Industrial Engineering)       Ms Frida Kasteng +44 20 7927 2531 Yes Mozambique Uganda      
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Department of Global Health and Development - Economic evaluation, Health Services research organization Ms Carol Dayo Obure Masters (Development Economics)       Ms Carol Dayo Obure +44 788 410 6792 yes Kenya Swaziland      
Health and Development Africa - Health economics, public health, HIV/AIDS impacts and planning Organization Dr Anthony Kinghorn MBcH, BA Hons (Economics and Health Economics) [email protected]     Dr Anthony Kinghorn +27 87 310 5000 Yes South Africa Zimbabwe Malawi Botswana SADC Countries
Ministry of Health, Government of Malawi - Health economics, Health Financing, Economic Evaluation Organization Mr Jacob Mazalale               Malawi        
Miz-Hasab Research Centre organization Professor Hailom Banteyerga               Ethiopia        
National Institute of Health organization Benedita Fernandes MM             Mozambique        
Health Economics and Epidemiology Research Office - HIV/AIDS prevention, HIV/AIDS care and treatment, TB and HIV, STI and HIV, Key populations organization Mr Lawrence Long MA, MA [email protected] USAID, NIH,GCC, Doris Duke group of researchers Mr Lawrence Long +27 11 276 8850   South Africa        
Health Economics and Policy network - Health Economics and Policy   Dr Charlotte Zikusooka Muheki PhD             South Africa Namibia      
Health Economics at National Department of Health Government Agency Siyabonga Jikwana               South Africa        

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