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International English food terms

The following list of international English food terms points out differences in food terminology between some different dialects of English: United States, Canada, UK and Australia.

United States Canada UK Australia Category
whole milk homogenized or 3% milk full fat or whole milk full-cream milk Dairy, eggs & meat
skim, fat free, or nonfat milk skimmed milk, skim milk skimmed milk skim milk Dairy, eggs & meat
2% milk 2% milk semi-skimmed milk light milk Dairy, eggs & meat
large egg large egg medium egg large egg Dairy, eggs & meat
ground meat or chopped (usually beef) ground or minced meat mince or minced meat mince Dairy, eggs & meat
green onion or scallion green onion spring onion (scallion in some areas) spring onion Produce/vegetables
cilantro cilantro or coriander coriander coriander Produce/vegetables
cantaloupe cantaloupe cantaloupe or rockmelon Produce/vegetables
zucchini zucchini courgette zucchini Produce/vegetables
squash squash marrow or squash — marrow specifically refers to a large, green elongated squash with white flesh squash Produce/vegetables
eggplant eggplant aubergine eggplant Produce/vegetables
garbanzo or chickpea chickpea chickpea chickpea Produce/vegetables
navy beans haricots haricot beans haricot beans Produce/vegetables
chard chard silverbeet or chard silverbeet Produce/vegetables
bell peppers or green/red/yellow peppers green peppers or bell peppers peppers, or green peppers (or red/yellow/orange peppers) capsicum Produce/vegetables
chili peppers, hot peppers, chiles or by individual name (jalapeño, e.g.)   chillis chillis Produce/vegetables
pickle pickle (gherkin refers specifically to a "dwarf" pickle) gherkin gherkin Prepared foods
bouillon or stock cube stock cube stock cube stock cube Prepared foods
French fries or fries, or steak fries (for thicker versions), also "fish and chips" French fries, fries, or chips, depending on region, also "fish and chips" chips or French fries (Used in food establishments) chips Prepared foods
chips or potato chips chips or potato chips crisps potato chips Prepared foods

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