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List of free software web applications

Heres a list of free software which can be used to run alternative web applications. Also listed are similar proprietary web applications that users may be familiar with. Most of this software is server-side software, often running on a web server.

Application Service Date of recent stable release / release License Requirements Similar proprietary web application(s)
Gallery Photo sharing April 2011 / 3.0.2 GPL 3 MySQL flickr, Picasa
Piwigo Photo sharing July 2011 / 2.2.4 GPL MySQL + PHP flickr, Picasa
Flowplayer video streaming March 2011 / 3.2.7 GPL 3   YouTube
Plumi video streaming 2 July 2011 / 4.2.2 GPL | ZPL   YouTube music streaming   AGPL PostgreSQL orMySQL
CiteSeerX Bibliographic database October 2010 / 0.12 Apache MySQL orPostgreSQL SpringerLink
Openstreetmap mapping   CC MySQL orPostgreSQL Google Maps
ownCloud file sharing May 2012 / 4.0 AGPL 3   DropBox,, Ubuntu One
Tahoe Least-Authority Filesystem file sharing January 2011 / v1.8.2 GPL 2 +   DropBox,, Ubuntu One
iFolder file sharing June 2010 / GPL 2 +   DropBox,, Ubuntu One
AbiCollab Online file editing 2009 / ? GPL 2 MySQL orPostgreSQL Google Docs
Etherpad Online file editing October 2010 / 1.1 Apache MySQL orPostgreSQL Google Docs
Eucalyptus (computing) Virtual machine provisioning  ? / 2.0.2 GPL 3   Amazon EC2
Globus Toolkit Virtual machine provisioning May 2011 / 5.0.4 Apache + MySQL orPostgreSQL Amazon EC2
OpenNebula Virtual machine provisioning March 2011 / 2.2.0 Apache SQLite3 Amazon EC2
DokuWiki Wiki January 2011 / 2.0 GPL 2   Wikispaces
Mediawiki Wiki June 2011 / 1.17.0 GPL 2 MySQL orPostgreSQL Wikispaces
Open Journal Systems publication management Feb 2011, 2.3.4 GPL 2 MySQL orPostgreSQL  
WordPress blogging April 2011 / 3.1.2 GPL 2 MySQL
Chyrp blogging  ? / 2.1 MIT SQLite or MySQL

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