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What do people do online everyday? can you guess?

On a typical day, 82% of adult internet users use the internet. What are they doing online? Here are some of the things that internet users do on a typical day. Source: Pew Internet & American Life Project Tracking surveys (March 2000 – February 2012).

What do people do online on a daily base - Daily internet activities % of internet users who report doing this "yesterday" Survey Month Survey date (approximate)
Use a search engine to find information 59% February 2012 2/1/12
Send or read e-mail 59% August 2011 8/1/11
Use an online social networking site like MySpace, Facebook or* 48% February 2012 2/1/12
Get news 45% May 2011 5/1/11
Go online just for fun or to pass the time 44% August 2011 8/1/11
Look for info on a hobby or interest 35% August 2011 8/1/11
Check the weather 34% May 2010 5/1/10
Look online for news or information about politics* 28% August 2011 8/1/11
Look for information online about a service or product you are thinking of buying 28% September 2010 9/1/10
Watch a video on a video-sharing site like YouTube or Vimeo 28% May 2011 5/1/11
Do any banking online 24% May 2011 5/1/11
Do any type of research for your job 23% March 2007 3/1/07
Send instant messages* 18% December 2010 12/1/10
Look for information on Wikipedia 17% May 2010 5/1/10
Search for a map or driving directions 17% August 2011 8/1/11
Get sports scores and info online* 15% August 2006 8/1/06
Play online games* 13% September 2010 9/1/10
Visit a local, state or federal government website* 13% May 2011 5/1/11
Get financial info online, such as stock quotes or mortgage interest rates 12% May 2010 5/1/10
Use online classified ads or sites like Craigslist 11% May 2010 5/1/10

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