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How to choose a Law Firm? List of popular law firms including phone numbers, addresses and contact details.
First name Surname Firm Position Email Website City Country Notes
Yong-Jae Chang Lee & Ko Partner [email protected]com   Seoul Korea Dual qualified Korean & English
Chang-Hyun Song Shin & Kim Lawyer [email protected] Seoul Korea  
Duol Kim Korean Development Institute Fellow   Seoul Korea Researching regulations for foreign lawyers
Hyun Jung Choi Standard Chartered Public Affairs [email protected]   Seoul Korea  
Lim Yang-Woon GL   [email protected]   Seoul Korea  
Sang-Chul Kim EYP Law   [email protected]   Seoul Korea  
Man Hee Lee Hwa Pyeong Law Firm Seoul Korea  
YoungJin Kim PCA Life CEO [email protected] Seoul Korea  
Jiwon Kang Shin & Kim Lawyer [email protected] Seoul Korea  
Gun Kim Yulchon   [email protected]   Seoul Korea  
Mok Hong Kim Bae Kim & Lee   [email protected]   Seoul Korea  
Kevin Kim Bae Kim & Lee Partner [email protected]   Seoul Korea Former Chair International KBA
Jeena Kim Bae Kim & Lee   [email protected]   Seoul Korea  
Chang Lim Digital Valley   [email protected]   Seoul Korea  
Geen Kim Lee & Ko   [email protected]   Seoul Korea  
Yong Yoon Lee & Ko Partner [email protected]   Seoul Korea  
Kim Young Ran Yulchon   [email protected]        
Harold Shim Ahnse Law Offices   [email protected]        
Jae Lee Lee International Law Group   [email protected]      
Joo-Sup Kim Cho Yoon & Lee   [email protected]        

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