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Vusumuzi Sibanda & Takaivona Vhimisai The effect of board composition on the performance of commercial banks in Zimbabwe
Kukhanya Maphanga The impact of the National Credit Act on households' indebteness and savings in South Africa
Dr E Ogbada & Rose-Mary Amakwe & Ndubuisi Mgbemena & John Nwichi Critical analysis of the operation of ATM system in Nigeria and public welfarism
Dr Tesfaye Lemma Corruption, corporate governance and finance: the African evidence
Arthur Risenga The relationship between the usage of savings products and debt instruments take-up by consumers: Personal financial management perspective
Shaheeda Mia & Prof Meshach Aziakpono Foreign direct investment in South Africa and Nigeria: Effects, Determinants and Lessons
Courage Mlambo Natural resource wealth and economic reconstruction in Southern Africa
Courage Mlambo & Faith Mazambani Southern Africa and the Paradox of the Plenty
Dr Juliana Nangogo-Siwale & Christian Chileshe An examination of the Intersectionality of Entrepreneurship and Microfinance: Lessons for Africa
Dr Zaheenah Chummun The investigation of the services marketing of microinsurance - an important area of the financial services industry in South Africa
Thomas Worae & Godfred Aawaar & George Asumadu & Ishaq Kyei-Brobbey Corporate annual reports and investor decisions: Evidence from Ghana
Prof Michael Bowen & Branly Kimpiatu The effect of social networks on employee productivity
Nicholas Boamah Size and book-to-market effects on the African Stock Markets (ASM)
Dadson Awunyo-Vitor & Ramatu Al-Hassan Drivers of demand for formal financial services by farmers: Evidence from maize farmers in Ghana
Arnold Kihaule Middel income households willingness to borrow for residential housing financing and propects for financial deepening in Tanzania
Dr Lucy Newman Leveraging corporate governance for economic development: Imperatives for bank regulators
Abdul Alhassan & Kweku Asare Has competition impacted on efficiency of Ghanaian banks ?
Dr Michael Olagunju Exchange rate liberalization and the competitiveness of the West African countries' exports
Witness Simbanegavi & Joshua Greenberg & Tendai Gwatidzo Testing for competition in the South African Banking Sector
Taonaziso Chowa & Alois Nyanhete & Madhusudan Acharyya & Richard Mhlanga An event study of the Zimbabwe stock exchange - A test for post-dollarisation market efficiency

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