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Bright Amisi & JAC Bosman & HC Wingard The legitimacy of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS): An assessment of the due process of standard-setting
Kin Sibanda An investigation into whether a weak rand translate into job creation. A case study of South Africa
Dr Tolulola Lawal Bank efficiency and stock returns: Evidence from African Banks
FG Netswera & Prof Collins Ngwakwe Rethinking the erosional effect of indirect taxes on individual income
Syden Mishi & Forget Kapingura Quantitative determinants of Sovereign credit rating: Case of South Africa
Neneh Ngek & Prof A van Aardt Smit Underpricing and long-run performance of initial public offerings (IPOS): evidence from South Africa
Dr Frances Obafemi Financial liberalization and the efficiency of the Nigerian Banking Industry
Prof Eben Mare Safe withdrawal rates for retirement portfolios in emerging market setting
Forget Kapingura & Makhetha-Kosi Bond market development and economic growth in Africa: case study of South Africa
Boniface Sibanda & Tawanda Dzama & Fortune Chisango Diversification for sustainable growth and reduction of risk in banking sector in Zimbabwe
Charles Mordi & Dr Michael Adebiyi & Magnus Abeng Determining the dominant channel of monetary policy transmission mechanism in Nigeria: A structural vector autoregressive (SVAR) approach
Priviledge Cheteni Environmental financing analysis through various development strategies: A case of rhino poaching in Africa
Mandla Moyo & H.C. Wingard An assessment of the impact of climate change on the financial returns of selected South African companies
Dr Stephen Mago & Shamiso Mago Microfinance and savings mobilization: A case of Masvingo District in Zimbabwe
Dr Femi Saibu Capital flows, trade openness and economic growth dynamics: New empirical evidence and policy implications for Nigeria economy
Dr Johan Smith The effectiveness of government institution program on poverty reduction in South Africa - The case of the South African microfinance Apex Fund (SAMAF)
Dr Ayodele Olumide & Sabastine Akongwale SME Finance and economic growth: Evidence from Nigeria
Daniel Tarus Corporate transparency, Board independence, and Firm performance: A test of moderation
Isaac Mutsau & Dr Irrshad Kaseeram Re-estimating money demand in South Africa with expenditure components: An ARDL approach
Dr Tebatso Khomo Capital formation in the African rural context, A study of the Asia / Africa technology transfers in the early twenty-first century

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