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Prof Andrew Mullineux & Prof Victor Murinde Financial Sector Policies for Enterprise Development in Sub-Saharan Africa
Dr Henry Musoke Audit Committee Characteristics and Financial Sustainability in Selected SACCOs in Uganda
Johann Jacobs & Gary van Vuuren The role of cost of capital in regulatory capital discrepancies among developing countries
John Udoidem Distribution of foreign capital in Nigeria: the policy implication for the agricultural sector
Pako Thupayagale The role of emerging market debt in enhancing risk-adjusted returns: The optimal mix of South African and US Government Bonds in a Portfolio
Leon Sanderson The performance of debt and equity markets in Anglo American Plc abd BHP Billiton Plc in the period 2007-2012
Dr Gwendoline Nani The establishment of a rural bank: A potential to the challenge of lack of access to bank loans by rural women entrepreneurs in Matabeleland South, Zimbabwe
Lordina Amoah & Abdul Alhassan & Joseph Akotey Determinants of bank deposit mobilization in Ghana: A cointegration and error correction approach
Thabang Mokoaleli-Mokoteli & Mkhululi Ncube Impact of working capital on the profitability of South African firms listed on The Johannesburg Stock Exchange
Cornelie Crous Audit reports of the Free State Department of Health: An audit and corporate governance perspective
Dr Sawsan Halbouni Are developing countries capable to develop accounting standards ? The case of Jordan
Dr Irrshad Kaseeram The anchoring of inflation expectations in South Africa
Dr Joseph Adebisi & Alapo Tope Effect of creative accounting on organizations reporting standards
Ikechukwu Acha & Essien Akpanuko Illicit financial outflows from Africa and their development implications: experience from Nigeria
Prof Sundaram Janakiramanan Towards balanced economic growth and development - An alternative approach
Elisha Mavodyo & Prof Terry Contogiannis & Dr I Kaseeram Budget deficits, money supply and inflation in South African
Dr Alvan Ikoku & Dr Ahmad Hosseini The sensitivity of Nigerian Stock Exchange Sectors to macroeconomic risk factors
Prof Ben Marx & Ahmed Mohammadali-Haji Emerging trends in accounting: an analysis of integrated reporting practices by South African Top 40 Listed Companies
Charles Manasseh & Dr Gladys Aneke Economic development in Nigeria: evidence from financial sector reform - the appraisal of it's causal effects
Susan Onuonga-Okeri Financial development and economic growth in Kenya: An empirical analysis 1980-2011

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