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The use of the English language in over 200 countries

English is vital for development, economy and international relations. The list divides the countries into: English as 1st language, 1st foreign language, Not the 1st foreign language and 2nd language.

Country Name Code Continent Status Sources Education Comments
Afghanistan AFG Asia 1st foreign language,, Since 4th grade Unstable country, Dari (Spoken by the Tajiks) and Pashto national languages spoken as 1st language
Albania ALB Europe 1st foreign language, Since class 3 elementary school 70% of the students learn English (The other 30% learn either Italian or French)
Algeria DZA Africa Not the 1st foreign language Reforms have been made to make arabic the language of instruction but French is still the 1st foreign language French is the 1st foreign language
American Samoa ASM East Asia & Pacific 1st foreign language!.html, English the language of instruction The major native language is Samoan, a minority speaks English as mother language but everybody understands english
Andorra ADO Europe Not the 1st foreign language, Taught after catalan, french or spanish depending on the system (frensh, spanish or andorran) It seems that all the students are taught the 4 languages at a moment or another. Spanish is a native language since spoken by a significant part of the population but french is not. Therefore French is the 1st foreign language.
Angola AGO Africa 1st foreign language,,, Taught since first grade of secondary education Document of ministry of education talks about english and portugese (national language) only
Antigua and Barbuda ATG America 1st language Language of instruction Speak English creole too
Argentina ARG America 1st foreign language, Compulsory at schools English is the foreign language most taught at public school, many bilingual schools
Armenia ARM Asia Not the 1st foreign language   Russian is taught as second language at schools
Aruba ABW America Not the 1st foreign language, Starting 4th grade Dutch is the language of education, Spanish is taught starting 5th grade as well, Papiamiento is the local language
Australia AUS Oceania 1st language Language of instruction  
Austria AUT Europe 1st foreign language EU Statistics Foreign language most taught Almost everybody is taught English in the primary education
Azerbaijan AZE Asia Not the 1st foreign language   Russian is the 1st foreign language
Bahamas, The BHS America 1st language Language of instruction The local language is an english based dialect : The Bahamian English with african and other influences
Bahrain BHR Asia 1st foreign language, Introduced at 4th grade then becomes a language of tuition English compulsory in the national education system
Bangladesh BGD Asia 1st foreign language English as language of instruction  
Barbados BRB America 1st language   Bajan is the local dialect based on English
Belarus BLR Europe 1st foreign language Most taught foreign language 72.7% of schools / or students ?
Belgium BEL Europe 1st foreign language,, EU statistics Most taught foreign language The national languages include dutch and french, mutually learned by native speakers of the one or the other and then all learn English
Belize BLZ America 1st language,, Language of instruction The local language is Kriol (english based dialect) and spanish is the most spoken mother language. Therefore English (Kriol) is the 2nd native language though it is the 1st language if you add up the significant native speakers and the 2nd language speakers (Spanish speaking and others). It s also the language of government and education (official language)

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