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Lauren Flox

Lauren Flox

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    Advertising services and media firms employed 1.61 m people in the U.S. (Feb 2007). Over that period, the ad industry slightly trailed overall U.S. job growth (up 1.5%). Still, agencies employ 24,000 fewer people now than at their bubble-era 2000 peak. Jobs in 1000s.

    by: Lauren Flox >>  Advertising  23/08/2012  Watch Watch  
  • Lauren Flox

    Top Social Media Sites Database

    The top 70 social media sites available. Find out when you should use them for your business with this tool. Also included is an Alexa traffic rating, information on when the application was founded, hyperlinks to site, and a category column that you can sort.

    by: Lauren Flox >>  Marketing  22/08/2012  Watch Watch  


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  • Lauren Flox

    Emissions-reduction policies in Australia

    This table provides the stocktake of emissions-reduction policies identified by the Productivity Commission in Australia. The sources used to provide information on individual policy measures are provided in the References column.

    by: Lauren Flox >>  Health  22/08/2012  Watch Watch  
  • Lauren Flox

    Human Rights Organisations and Publication

    This list contains links to human rights legislation, names of governing councils, commissions, courts, programs and other authorities. Sections of human rights, refugees and migration, training in peace-building, rights of children and women, death penalty and health aid.

    by: Lauren Flox >>  Law  19/08/2012  Watch Watch