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Post Divorce Checklist

Here are a few financial and legal steps you should consider doing immediately after your divorce - like life insurance, a will, and settlement agreement.
Step Category Time Frame
Change your name on all your financial documents, bank statements, etc. Your Accounts & Credit Immediately
Close and change names on all joint accounts. Make sure all credit card bills and loans are paid promptly and closed by you or your spouse if responsible. Your Accounts & Credit Immediately
Open a checking/savings account in your name. Your Accounts & Credit Immediately
Establish your own credit history. Open a credit card in your name. Your Accounts & Credit Immediately
Set up a liquid account with up to 3 to 6 months of cost-of-living expenses in a money market fund or a Cetificate of Deposit (CD) Your Accounts & Credit Immediately
Check investment accounts to see ownership of stocks, bonds and mutual funds are properly listed. Your Accounts & Credit Immediately/final decree
Change your name with Social Security. Your Identification Once you receive final decree
Change your name on your driver's license. Your Identification Once you receive final decree
Change title on your automobiles if necessary. Your Property Immediately
Change over your automobile insurance. Your Property Immediately
Have your spouse name taken off the mortgage for the house or apartment. Your Property Immediately
Make sure you transfer ownership of all deeds for your homes or automobiles, boats, etc. and that they are recorded at the appropriate county recorder's office. Your Property Immediately
Change beneficiaries on all Life Insurance policies, etc. Your Insurance & Finances Immediately
Change beneficiares on all Retirement & Pension accounts. Your Insurance & Finances Immediately
Health insurance - Be sure to revise coverage for spouse and/or dependents depending on divorce decree. Your Insurance & Finances Immediately
If you have a QDRO (Qualified Domestic Relations Order) make sure it's done. Your Insurance & Finances Immediately
Execute a new will or trust. Designate guardians for your children if necessary. Be sure to update your health care proxy and your power of attorney documents. Your Insurance & Finances Immediately
Go over your settlement agreement - review every detail with your attorney or your financial advisor to make sure everything is completed. Your Insurance & Finances Immediately
Review your tax withholding allowances with your tax advisor or CPA. Your Insurance & Finances Immediately


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