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Classic Basketball Games

Tons of basketball games from all around the world: USA, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Poland, Russia, Australia, etc. The lists cover all competitions, both domestic and international: NBA, ACB, Euroleague, ULEB Cup, LNB, HEBA, NBL, Adriatic League, BBL, LKL, TBL, etc.

Game Team A Team B Season Country Competition Round Date Comments
Kansas - Indiana, 1940 Kansas Indiana 1940 USA NCAA Final 30-Mar-40  
Kansas - Indiana, 1953 Kansas Indiana 1953 USA NCAA Final 18-Mar-53  
Indiana - LSU, 1953 Indiana LSU 1953 USA NCAA Semifinal 17-Mar-53  
Kansas - North Carolina, 1957 Kansas North Carolina 1957 USA NCAA Final Four Final 23-Mar-09  
Ohio State - California, 1960 Ohio State California 1960 USA NCAA Regular Season    
Kansas - Missouri, 1961 Kansas Missouri 1961 USA NCAA Regular Season    
Boston Celtics - Philadelphia 76ers, 1967 Boston Celtics Philadelphia 76ers 1967 USA NBA Eastern Conference Finals Game 4 9-Apr-67 Chamberlain Vs. Russell
UCLA - Dayton, 1967 UCLA Dayton 1967 USA NCAA Final Four Final    
UCLA - Purdue, 1969 UCLA Purdue 1969 USA NCAA Final    
East All-Stars - West All-Stars, 1970 East All-Stars West All-Stars 1970 USA NBA All-Star Game    
New York Knicks - Los Angeles Lakers, 1970 New York Knicks Los Angeles Lakers 1970 USA NBA Finals Game 7    
UCLA - Jacksonville, 1970 UCLA Jacksonville 1970 USA NCAA Final    
UCLA - Villanova, 1971 UCLA Villanova 1971 USA NCAA Tournament Final Four Final    
East All-Stars - West All-Stars, 1972 East All-Stars West All-Stars 1972 USA NBA All-Star Game    
Milwaukee Bucks - Los Angeles Lakers, 1972 Milwaukee Bucks Los Angeles Lakers 1972 USA NBA Regular Season    
USA - URSS, 1972 USA URSS 1972 International Olympics Final    
Spain - Yugoslavia, 1973 Spain Yugoslavia 1973 International Eurobasket Final 6-Oct-73  
New York Knicks - Washington Bullets, 1973 New York Knicks Washington Bullets 1973 USA NBA Regular Season 1-Mar-73  
UCLA - Memphis, 1973 UCLA Memphis 1973 USA NCAA Final Four Final    
UCLA - San Francisco, 1973 UCLA San Francisco 1973 USA NCAA Regional Finals    

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