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DVD - Fitness For Mothers

Best DVDs for expectant, new and experienced mothers - Kickboxing, Workouts, Dance, Yoga/Pilates and more, rated by Amazon.

Title Category Description Amazon Stars
Complete Yoga and Pilates. 4 DVD Yoga/Pilates Beginning Pilates Mat. Intermediate Pilates Mat. Power Vinyasa  
Janis Sattell. Beverly Hills Workout pack. 4 DVD Yoga/Pilates 1 - Straight-up workout, lower body toner. 2 - Strength your entire body. 3 - Yoga (posture, breathing, meditation) 4 - Dynamic Stretch  
Janis Sattell. Beverly Hills Pilates Yoga/Pilates    
Pilates Rhythms Yoga/Pilates Essential Workout DVD + 2 music CD *****
Michelle Lemay's Spirit Flow Yoga/Pilates The 7 essential stress relievers. This DVD includes 7 different routines - less than 5 minutes each. Relieve stress and tension and re-igntite your focus, creativity and productivity in less than 5 minutes any time of day…  
Duncan Wong- Yogic Arts Yoga/Pilates Awakening Level. An exhilarating form of yoga that incorporates elements of martial arts and Thai massage ***
Better Sex Through Yoga Yoga/Pilates V. 1 Beginning (improving position stamina and flexibility, stimulating inner-core muscles) ***
Gaiam. Mayo Clinic. Back Pain. Yoga/Pilates Integrative Medicine. Gentle Yoga. Daily Nutrition Guide  
Gaiam. Kickboxing Yoga Fusion with Patricia Moreno Yoga/Pilates Strength and toning  
Gaiam. Budokon by Cameron Shayne. Yoga/Pilates The reunion of Martial arts, yoga and meditation  
Gaiam. Power Yoga Yoga/Pilates Strength and flexibility *****
Jonathan Urla's Yogilates Yoga/Pilates Intermediate Workout ****
Pilates for Indie Rockers Yoga/Pilates Beginning session ***
Pulse Yoga Express with Argie Tang Yoga/Pilates Radical new combination of disciplines applied to the ancient art  
Natural Journeys, Digital Collection Edition. The Lotte Bekk Method. Basic Essentials Yoga/Pilates    
Journey into Power. Baptist Power Vinyasa Yoga Yoga/Pilates 2. Conditioning, Body Sculpting and Mind Training  
Shiva Rea. Lunar flow yoga Yoga/Pilates daily practices for flexibility, balance and rejuvenation *****
Shiva Rea. Creative Core Abs Yoga/Pilates Energizing yoga for a strong, fluid core. Challenging for al levels ****
Shiva Rea. Yoga Trance Dance Yoga/Pilates High energy movement meditation ****
Shiva Rea. Fluid Power. Vinyasa Flow Yoga Yoga/Pilates 2 DVD ****

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