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An extensive list of plants with the botanical name, common plant name, soil type, PH value, annual/biennial/perennial, zone, light needs, bloom time, plant height, plant spacing, color and comments.

Common Plant Name Latin or Botanical Plant Name Type Soil Type PH Value Biennial, Perennial Zone Light Needs Bloom Time Plant Height Plant Spacing Color Comments
Abelia   Shrub Moist, well-drained 6.0-8.0 P 5-9 Sun/Pt Shade May-Aug 3-6'   Pinkish-white Attracts butterflies
Acanthus Acanthaceae Flower Well-drained 6.0-7.0 P 6-8 Pt Shade Aug-Oct 18-30"   Purple,pink, white Plant where you want it to stay
Achimenes Achimenes Berry Moist, well-drained   P   Pt Shade Jul-Sep 12-18" 6" Blue, peach, pink, red, orange,etc Good for hanging baskets
Adams Needle Yucca Shrub Sandy, gravely 6.0-7.5 P 5-9 Sun   3-5' 3-4' Evergreen Drought tolerant.
African Corn Lily Ixia Berry Rich, well-drained   P 4-9 Sun Jun-Aug 12-18" 3" Yellow Loves sun & heat. Good cut flower
African Violet   Houseplant Peat Moss, perlite 6.0-7.0 P   Indirect Jan-Dec 3-4"   White, pink, purple Avoid overwatering. Do not get water on leaves.
Agastache Agastache/Lamiaceae Flower Well-drained   P 5-9 Sun Jul-Oct 24-48" 12-18" Violet-blue Tolerant of heat & early frost. Attracts butterflies.
Ageratum/Floss Flower Ageratum Flower   6.0-7.5 A   Sun May-Oct 3-12" 6" Blue, White  
Allium Allium Berry Well-drained   P 3-8 Sun/Pt Shade Jun 12-24" 12" Rosy-purple Long blooming
Aluminium Plant Pilea   6.0-8.0                
Alyssum Aurinia Flower Moist, well-drained 6.0-7.5 A 4-8 Sun/Pt Shade Jul-Aug 4-6" 6" White, Purple, Pink, Yellow Great for borders, containers, rock gardens
Amaranth Amaranthus Flower Average 6.0-6.5 A   Sun Jul-Sep 3-5' 18-30" Red, Green Heat & drought tolerant.
Amaryllis Hippeastrum Berry Average 5.5-6.5 A 7-10 Sun Oct-Mar 16-18"      
Anchusa   Flower Average 6.0-7.5 P 5-9 Sun/Pt Shade Jul-Aug 36"   Blue  
Angel Wings Caladium Leaf Rich, moisture 6.0-7.5 A   Shade May-Oct 24" 12" Green with red, pinks, whites Needs heat, moisture & fertilizer
Angel's Trumpet Brugmansia Flower     P 8-10 Sun/Pt Shade Jun-Oct 36-48" 36" Yellow, white, salmon pink Give plenty of water. May not bloom lst yr.
Anthyllis     5.0-6.0       Jul-Aug        
Apple/Crabapple Malus Tree   5.0-6.5 P 4-8 Sun May 15-20' 15' Pink, White Orange-red fruits in fall.
Arenaria     6.0-8.0       Jul-Oct        
Aristea     6.0-7.5       Jul-Sep        

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