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30 Best Travel Articles

30 recommended articles for travel arrangements - vehicles, eating out, internet access and many more.
Rank Expenses URL Description
1 Vehicles This is the FTC's "66 Ways to Save Money." They offer tips for car buying here.
2 Gym Memberships This article offers some advice for getting out of gym contracts, cell phone contracts, AOL etc.
3 Car Washes None None
4 Groceries This article is entitled "8 Ways to Cut your Grocery Bill" and is from Smart Money.
5 Term Life Insurance This is MSN Money's introduction to life insurance. It clearly explains the difference between whole life and term and why term is better.
6 Cell Phone,28804,1633488_1633458_1633461,00.html This is an article about Cellswapper service that helps you get out of the service.
7 Long-term Phone A site that talks about the pros and cons of the top 10 free VOIP services
8 Interest Charges on Credit Cards This is a good breakdown by the FTC on Credit Cards and understanding their terms.
9 Eating out for Lunch This article provides a good list of suggestions for those who are packing their own lunch. This article contains a cost breakdown of how much it would cost to pack a lunch for the week.
10 Manicures None None
11 Vending Machine Snacks This article explains a list of expenditures to avoid, one of them being vending machine snacks.
12 Magazine Subscriptions This is a site that explains how to work to set up a magazine exchange with friends and neighbors. A neat idea. The Smart Money article explains how to save money on magazine
13 Newspapers None None
14 Car Insurance, Offers information on how you can save easily on auto insurance. The second article explains how to save money by dropping comprehensive coverage on an older vehicle.
15 Mortgage Read this interesting article entitled "12 Ways to save on mortgage costs."
16 Internet Access This article reviews the various free Internet Service Providers
17 Daycare 10 Ways to reduce childcare costs
18 Gasoline This guide provides a list of simple things you can do to get better gas mileage right away.
19 Cable Television This site provides listings of many, many websites that offer free movies and TV online. This site provides listings of websites with free movies and TV online.

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