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Name of Airport plus IATA number Number of Hotels near Airport Country of Airport Link to all Hotels near the Airport – a way to make reservation online
Donaldson Center, IATA code: GYH 53 us
Triple W, IATA code: 5W5 78 us
Galion Municipal, IATA code: GQQ 6 us
Rhinelander-Oneida County, IATA code: RHI 1 us
Albert J. Ellis, IATA code: OAJ 10 us
Cuba Municipal, IATA code: UBX 1 us
Izumo, IATA code: IZO 18 jp
Francis S. Gabreski, IATA code: FOK 16 us
Bursa Yenisehir, IATA code: YEI 2 tr
Mc Charen Field, IATA code: M83 9 us
Exploits Valley Botwood, IATA code: CP2 2 ca
McAlester Regional, IATA code: MLC 6 us
Noto, IATA code: NTQ 12 jp
Nürnberg, IATA code: NUE 82 de
Defense Supply Cntr Richmond Ahp, IATA code: VG1 95 us
Cacique Aramare, IATA code: PYH 1 ve
Luce County, IATA code: ERY 1 us
Esmeraldas, IATA code: ESM 8 ec
Vaasa, IATA code: VAA 9 fi
La Grande/Union County, IATA code: LGD 3 us

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