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Poetry Author List

List of winners authors - Pushcart Prize, Pulitzer, Academy Fellowship and more.
Last Name First Name Award Year
Ackerman Diane Pushcart Prize  
Adams Leonie Academy Fellowship 1974
Adcock Betty Pushcart Prize  
Addonizio Kim Pushcart Prize  
Adiele Faith Beyond Margins Award 2005
Ai   Pushcart Prize  
Ai   National Book Award 1999
Aiken Conrad Pulitzer 1931
Aiken Conrad National Book Award 1954
Aiken Conrad Academy Fellowship 1957
Alcosser Sandra Pushcart Prize  
Aleixandre Vicente Pushcart Prize  
Aleshire Joan Pushcart Prize  
Alexander Elizabeth Pushcart Prize  
Alexander Meena Beyond Margins Award 2002
Alexie Sherman Pushcart Prize  
Ali Agha Shahid Pushcart Prize  
Allen Dick Pushcart Prize  
Allman John Pushcart Prize  
Ammons A.R. Pushcart Prize  

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